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ConYoBongo coming to New York City in 2019!

ConYoBongo is an international theatre production company that offers a fusion of contemporary dance, yoga, live music and bongo and conga drums with other artistic mediums. Blending professional performers with emerging artists and people from grassroots groups in the making of high calibre stage productions, ConYoBongo mixes the real with the virtual and the marginalised with the elite to create stunning live integrated theatre and memorable audience experiences.

In 2018, ConYoBongo produced and staged their inaugural production of One Man’s Story – an extravagant musical theatre performance in honour of ‘Bongo’ Eddie Folk , lead percussionist with New York funk band Kid Creole and the Coconuts for over thirty years. Bongo Eddie was patron of Liverpool arts charity, Genie In The Gutter, and the production which garnered fantastic reviews from the British Theatre Guide and similar, blended high profile performers from Kid Creole and the Coconuts and London’s West End, emerging performers from Paul McCartney’s performing arts school, ‘LIPA’, and grassroots artists from the Genie In The Gutter charity.

‘One Man’s Story’ which celebrates the life of Brooklyn-born musician ‘Bongo’ Eddie, tells the story of his childhood in 1950s New York, depicting the tumultuous nature of life on tour with one of the world’s most successful bands that hail from New York, and the international hedonistic lifestyle of ‘Bongo’ Eddie before he settled down in Liverpool, UK.

The narrative of the show travels across the pond, and now the show is about to too. In 2019, ConYoBongo will take ‘One Man’s Story’ to New York City back to where ‘Bongo’ Eddie’s life began. Dates and venue to be confirmed very soon.

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